The Procleix Xpress system (Xpress) is a pooling and archiving instrument specifically engineered to complement the Procleix NAT solutions product portfolio. Xpress transfers plasma or serum from individual samples to Master Pool Tubes for further testing on Procleix systems or deep well plates for archiving1.

Precision pipetting

Xpress has an 8-channel air-base pipetting system that can create pools of 4, 8 and 16. It can also archive any volume between 500 µL and 1.6 mL in 100 µL increments into convenient archive plates. 

Simplified workflow

Delivering the advantages of air-based pipetting, Xpress eliminates the need for clean-up and disposal of liquid waste. Reduced maintenance means less hands-on time for operators—enabling more time for other tasks.

Intuitive interface

Our easy-to-use touchscreen enables users to preconfigure specific options, such as pool-only, archive-only or both. Users can also preset the desired pool size and archive volume.


Ask your local Grifols representative or contact us for more information on the Procleix pooling systems1.



1. Product registration and commercial availability vary. For a complete list, view the table on our Approvals page.