Smart design. Simple operation. Versatile capabilities.

The flexibility you need in a small footprint.

Building on the success of our Procleix NAT solutions, the smart, simple and versatile Procleix Panther system (Panther)1 continues the impressive legacy of proven, reliable performance. Delivering fully automated and highly-flexible testing options, Panther is designed to work the way you do. Panther can expertly handle your batch, routine and STAT testing volumes.  It provides the performance you need in a small footprint, with minimal installation and training time2.

Smart design

Footprint is less than 10.76 ft² (1 m²) - the compact Panther takes particular advantage of limited lab space, fitting easily into standard lab configurations. Panther also enables system redundancy for more peace of mind and eliminates costly lab redesigns and build-outs.

Panther releases first results in 3.5 hours, then 5 results every 5 minutes. Not only does Panther release your results fast, it also meets your dynamic workflow needs (in volume and priority).

With its smart design, you only need minimal interaction to load additional samples and/or consumables as necessary.  

Simple operation

Install, train and test in less than a week - Panther's intuitive software will help operators speed through tasks to increase overall efficiency.

Automate many of the prescheduled maintenance tasks to run after work hours and optimize your daily productivity.

Panther is easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain. Simply plug it in, load it up, and let it run.

Versatile capabilities

Anytime-in, all-the-time out - ideal if you seek maximum workflow versatility, Panther expertly runs batch, random and STAT testing – with continuous release of results. Panther can keep up with your workload demands – no matter how your lab works.


The Procleix Panther system assay menu1

Procleix Panther system assay menu

Note: Procleix Dengue virus assay is currently in development. The Procleix NAT Manager does not currently support Procleix Parvo/HAV assay.

Ask your local Grifols representative or contact us for more information on the Procleix Panther system1.



1. Product registration and commercial availability vary. For a complete list, view the table on our Approvals page.

2. Procleix Panther System Operator's Manual AW-11633-001 Rev. 001.